Home/Office visits Yumeiho Therapy Services for Expats in Indonesia

Yumeiho therapy used to treat many medical conditions as well as to improve mental and physical health. We provide specialized treatment services Yumeiho expatriat to your address. Areas that could we could withstand approximately :

Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Tangerang, Karawang, Cianjur, Purwakarta.

Yumeiho therapy can treat many illnesses, for example:
– lumbago,
– sciatica,
– pain in the hip joints, knees, ankles, toes and ribs,
– various headaches,
– stiffness or pain in the shoulders,
– diarrhoea,
– menstrual pain,
– irregular menstruation,
– illnesses of the liver, stomach, intestines, heart, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, bladder

– Weariness

– Vertigo

– Pinched Nerve (HPN)

– Fitness

– Etc

Yumeiho therapy also helps patients with hypertension and hypo-tension. In addition, it can improve general condition for patients with serious diseases, which modern medicine has difficulty curing, for example:
– muscular dystrophy,
– Parkinson’s disease,
– cancer,
– rheumatism and collagen-illnesses.

Mr. Kolos patient Yumeiho therapy from Hungary ambassy in Indonesia

Mr. Kolos patient Yumeiho therapy from Hungary ambassy in Indonesia, treat lumbago problem.

Yumeiho therapy gives effective support as well against obesity and low body weight. Additional benefit is feeling of total relaxation and rejuventation, which most of my clients describe as geting taller, stronger or straighter.

Home/ office visits – price per a session. Traveling fee will be added, appointments possible. Please call to request availability;

Yusuf Pulungan (Therapist)





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